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Alaska Guided Canoe Trips in the Kenai National Wildlife     Refuge.

We are an eco tour company that specializes in adventurous environmental and educational paddle trips.  Full Day and Multi Day Guided and Unguided Canoe Trips inside the Kenai Wildlife Refuge.

Trips take place on the Swanson River and Swan Lake Canoe Routes.

Located near the towns of Soldotna and Sterling on Alaska's Kenai Peninsula.

Kids, Families, Groups, and people with special needs are welcome.

Ask about our Educational and Leadership trips for youth/teen groups.

The Swan Lake and Swanson River canoe routes are located in the northern lowlands of the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge. The refuge was established to conserve the fish and wildlife and habitats of the Kenai Peninsula in their natural diversity as well as provide opportunities for fish and wildlife oriented recreation. The canoe routes are located in an area that is nationally designated wilderness. The routes are also National Recreational Trails. 

Full Day Guided Canoe Trips

Start from $190 per person guided or $125 per person unguided.

Multi Day Canoe Trips Start from $480 per person guided or $255 per person unguided.

Every trip is carefully planned by your guide for maximum enjoyment as well as safety.  Factors such as weather and natural events such as forest fires can influence the location of each trip.  Other factors such as canoeing experience, swimming ability, physical limitations and medical conditions must be accommodated. Your guide reserves the right to change locations of the trip based on daily weather conditions or guest physical limitations. Your safety is our #1 priority!

Be sure to request your desired activities in advance, such as birdwatching, berry picking, mushroom foraging, wildlife photography, campfire cookout, or simply paddling.

Check us out on Facebook at Take Refuge Canoe.


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