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Take Refuge Canoe


About us:

Founded by Kirsten Alberg in 2010, Take Refuge Canoe was established to provide canoe access to the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge for visitors to Alaska as well as local adventurers.

The canoe trails can only be accessed by foot and human powered watercraft such as canoes and kayaks.  Take Refuge Canoe enabled national and international travelers to include guided canoe trips in their travel plans while in Alaska.  

Current owner Lee Wilkins, was born and raised in Alaska where he spent much of his time exploring the Kenai Peninsula as well as the Lake Iliamna regions of Alaska.  After a lengthy international career as a concert violinist, he returned to his homeland to show his wife and son the land where he grew up.  Take Refuge Canoe came up for sale and the rest is history.  

We now offer  service from elite fishing lodges, RV parks and campgrounds, depending on your travel style.  We still offer meet-ups at arranged locations to accommodate your travel plans and needs.

Guided and unguided trips are available from 1 day to 7 days.

Canoes are Kevlar ultralights weighing only 42 lbs and carbon fiber canoes weighing even less.  Add carbon fiber paddles and you are state of the art in lightness of equipment.  The days of 100 lb canoes are over!

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